Maybe you're here because you're burnt out on caregiving duty.

You're trying to delay the constant exhaustion you feel from taking care of your loved one. Your child, partner or parent is trying your patience again. They are yelling, unwilling to eat, and unable to sleep. You partner, sister, brother-in-law doesn't gives you respite despite your multiple attempts to ask for help.  Instead, they give you advice or criticism.  

You feel like your hands are tied.  It is your responsibility to keep your loved ones safe, comfortable, and alive but you can't take care of yourself.  The unknown of whether or not things will get better haunts you on a daily basis.

You're burned out and something needs to change soon.

I can help you.

Designing ways to defeat depression and anxiety


Creating space for family members of ill and disabled loved ones


Building confidence for parents of special needs children


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